About Our Chiropractors

Neil Robertson

neil-robertsonNeil graduated from RMIT University (Melbourne) in 1983 and has now 30 years’ experience in practice.  Neil is a wellness based Chiropractor that treats families and promotes a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve a holistic approach to health care. Neil first practiced on the Sunshine Coast 30 years ago at the Sunshine Chiropractic clinic in Nambour.

Neil has advanced certification from SOTO A/Asia and is  a certified Craniotherapist. He is also a practising JP Qual.(Qld)

Anna Power

Dr Anna PowerAnna has been involved in chiropractic her whole life.

Being a second generation chiropractor,  Anna has been inspired by a lifetime of’chiropractic stories’ passed on from her father and 5 uncles. She was adjusted just moments after she was born and knows the importance of chiropractic care first hand and recognises the fantastic results it can gain.

As a chiropractor Anna loves to help families over many generations, from babies only a few days old right through to their great grand parents. She uses many techniques in her adjustments with a strong focus on Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), Activator and Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Anna is married to Seth and they have two children – Sonny, 5yrs and Willow, 3yrs.  When there is time she loves to play the piano and guitar and enjoys cooking delicious food. The first hand experience of pregnancy, raising young children and supporting her family’s health has reinforced the incredible healing power of the body and what it is capable of if given the right environment and trusting the process.

By providing a holistic approach to chiropractic care,  Anna is here to support your health decisions and help you and your family grow and thrive.